As part of the expansion of the GPP global commercial network, the Sales Manager for Eastern Europe has recently been appointed in the person of Ms. Anna Danysh (
Having started some years ago as a sales manager of the local Logistic Group company in Ukraine, Anna has already gained significant experience in the livestock sector, particularly in poultry equipment, in which she will continue to operate in connection with the Italian headquarters of Giordano Poultry Plast.
Her activity will take place in most Russian-speaking countries, in the area between the Eastern European Union and the Caucasian region.
Her mastery of languages ​​and technical knowledge of the sector, combined with her specific commercial profile, will surely allow Anna and with her GPP to rapidly expand the market in the aforementioned area into significant poultry production and a full evolution from the technical point of view, as well as an increasingly modern and efficient farming system and equipment.
Wishing Anna the best for her work and far-reaching success, we confirm the Company’s attention to provide her with all the support needed to do her job, offering, in this area of ​​the world as well, always the”best” poultry equipment, in terms of both the quality of the materials and the widest range of solutions currently on the market.