Thanks to a direct knowledge of the usage profile and of the different technical and practical needs coming from the various sectors within the global poultry industry, the Company attends directly to all phases of production. From the creation to the design, development and final manufacture, the company is always looking for innovative high performing products and solutions, capable of combining efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durability

Production by Giordano Poultry Plast fully complies with the principles of a circular economy:

• As a raw material, plastic ranks among one of the cheapest and most suitable for recycling.
• At its Italian headquarters and production site, electricity is self-produced by Giordano Energy, a dedicated group company that does not resort to fossil fuels, but only to vegetable or animal fats

The ltalian factory, with over 70 employees, is capable of ensuring a production cycle on an ongoing basis (24 hours a day, seven days a week), which transforms approximately 9.500 tons of plastic materials annually. The production department boasts an internal maintenance unit, suitably equipped and self-sufficient regarding the repair of moulds used and the autonomous production of moulds up to 1800X1000 mm in size-.and 12.000 Kg in weight. Five overhead cranes with a capacity ranging between 8 and 20 tons ensure the smooth handling of moulds and equipment.

Production takes place through 19 injection presses having the following characteristics:

N. 190180 g
N. 2200450 g
N. 3270700 g
N. 44501000 g
N. 54801200 g
N. 66501500 g
N. 77002000 g
N. 87502200 g
N. 98003000 g
N. 108503500 g
N. 118503500 g
N. 128503500 g
N. 139003000 g
N. 149003800 g
N. 1511004500 g
N. 1613006000 g
N. 1714006500 g
N. 18220011000 g
N. 19240019000 g
N. 20280018000 g