• It was founded in 1962 and continues to be run by the Giordano family
  • Since its origin, it has devoted itself to the poultry sector, specialising in it: from hatching to breeding, all the way down to slaughtering and transport
  • It has made its production revolve around a material endowed with countless qualities: plastic.

Equipment supply to animal husbandry represents the deepest root of the group activity, and the sector in which its longest history has given birth to a wide-ranging and well-structured production and commercial organisation worldwide.

The specific expertise in the use of materials has led to the development, especially in recent years, of a significant network of relationships with other leading companies in the sector, operating not only in the breeding field but also in such other fields as slaughtering and transport, for which the Giordano group designs and creates high-tech plastic products and component. A supplementary recognition of skill and reliability.