Thanks to his great experience, Giordano Poultry Plast manages to be a forerunner of effective solutions for the entire poultry production chain.
Its vast range of products includes the Polyfeeder, an automatic feeder designed to meet the nutritional needs of ducks and turkeys. Its construction in modular parts allows an easy assembly and disassembly of the product, thereby adapting it to each phase in the stage of the animal, throughout the breeding cycle.

Ongoing study, part of the company philosophy, has resulted in the development of two new versions of this polyvalent feeder. In order to optimise the product, a solution has been studied that can offer multiple advantages for breeders in the sector.

The first version of this new Polyfeeder, ideal for chicks (but capable of being used for the adult animal as well), has as its novelty the removal of the batch feeder, the elimination of the open-close option and the presence of the plate as a foundational part of the feeder rather than as an additional accessory.

A second version, instead, has been designed for turkeys and web-footed birds that are already adults. You can add to this feeder the accessory collarette, an excellent solution during the fattening phase.

The main difference with the traditional Polyfeeder is the removal of the batch feeder and the elimination of the open-close option. The removal of the batch feeder was made possible by an accurate study on the average intake for animals through the various stages of their life cycle.

With the new Polyfeeder, therefore, it is possible to raise the level of hygiene, thanks to the absence of batch feeder grooves that facilitates washing it, the lack of the open-close option, a decrease in the time required of the staff managing the breeding farm, and a resultant reduction of costs.


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