The thoughtful assessment of the way in which the global health crisis underway has modified our daily activity has enabled us to elaborate a strategy capable of preserving a stable and interactive relationship with all our interlocutors, until the pre-pandemic social and environmental conditions might be reinstated.

Accordingly, for all the Giordano Holding companies, guidelines on the organisation of possible operational activities have been drawn up and immediately implemented, such that in some instances they could be maintained even subsequently to the crisis, being in fact complementary and in synergy with the traditional methods of liaising with the market.

Once production is ensured, which for Giordano Poultry Plast has been suspended only for one week to organise the correct application of all workers’ safety protocols, the activity has focused on managing the current relationship with Distributors and customers and implementing a cogent Communication Plan, which has taken on a key role to manage: the promotion, market survey and identification of new opportunities.

Thanks to regular virtual meetings between the sales force, management and the other internal and worldwide resources involved, we are therefore adjusting daily to the reality of each geographical area: the timeframes, content and methods of communication, adapting them to what is taking place locally with regard to the pandemic and the market, and adopting all the necessary measures to stay in operation and ensure in the best manner our contribution to the global effort to guarantee a continuous activity in the livestock and agri-food sector.

We hope to be soon back to business as usual and again able to personally reach all our customers and collaborators wherever they are. Until then, we will keep on striving to remain, on a remote basis as well, within reach and operational in the service of the global poultry industry.

Giordano Poultry Plast S.p.A.

April 7th, 2020