COD: With cover 0307001 - Whitout cover 0307003 - Categories: ,

Diameter: 400 mm
Circumference: 125 mm
Capacity: 60/70 adult turkeys 18/20 kg
Weight: 1,800 kg

Cod. 0307001
Shipping capacity:
700 pieces per 20’ cnt
1.460 pieces per 40’ cnt
1.700 pieces per 40’ HC
The combination varies according to the accessories

Polyfeeder is the automatic feeder of Giordano Poultry Plast for turkey and web-footed bird breeding. This highly resistant plastic feeder is suitable for all ages of birds realized with decomposable and modular parts, allowing different applications.
Its main advantage is that it can be used during the breeding and fattening phases in all situations where it is possible to carefully adjust the feed flux.




Through the absence of the feed flow regulator, reached thanks to accurate studies, and other improvements of the traditional product, it is possible to guarantee more hygiene in the farms, a decrease in the time required by the staff managing the breeding and a reduction in costs.

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