Piedmont Coop – One Door

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Few things that make Piedmont line more economical and safe:

  • smooth and round surfaces minimize bruises and broken wings, preventing injuries during the coop handling;
  • the spring latch keeps birds safely locked in the coop;
  • the special design guarantees maximum ventilation, quicker and easier cleaning;
  • perfect interlocking reduces danger of load shifting;
  • UV stabilizer reduces ageing due to solar rays;
  • Very simple to assemble: push fit-self locking;
  • No equipment needed. A simple pressure assures the complete assembly of the coops;
  • HD polyethylene UV stabilized

Additional information


970x580x270 mm


7,800 kg

Sliding top door size

42×38 cm

Loading resistance

1.000 kg

Standard colour

yellow with white doors


18/20 birds, dependent on climate and weight

Shipping capacity

700 pieces per 20’ cnt, 1.400 pieces per 40’ cnt, 1.600 pieces per 40’ HC

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