ECS Pallet 120X90

COD: 0420001.51 - Category:

Cod. 0420001.51 (Pallet open deck with 3 runners)
Net weight: 17,4 kg
Cod. 0420101.51 (No runners)
Cod. 042004.53 (Reinforced open deck with 3 runners)
Net weight: 20,4 kg

Cod. 0420079.50
Fixed plugs
Cod. 0420051.51 (Pallet with fixed plugs)
Net weight: 17,45 kg


Additional information


1200X900X160 mm


17,4 kg (Pallet with open deck), 20,40 kg (Re-inforced with iron bars for use in racks)

Shipping capacity

165 pieces per 20’ cnt; 345 pieces per 40’ cnt; 391 pieces per 40’ HC


almost all RAL-colours

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