Breeder Slat 1200/1000X600 mm


1200X600 mm: COD: 0450005
1000X600 mm: COD 0450006

Metal support

Easy to clean. Easy to join together. Easy to assemble and to remove. Due to its high load bearing resistance, it is possible to walk on the slats. Compact and high stacking- more slats per pallet saving on transport costs.

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1.000×600 mm, 1.200×600 mm

Weight 1200×600 mm

3,400 kg

Weight 1000×600 mm

2,800 kg

Loading resistance

200 kg/piece

Shipping capacity 1200×600 mm

1.200 pieces per 20’ cnt, 2.500 pieces per 40’ cnt, 3.000 pieces per 40’ HC

Shipping capacity 1000×600 mm

1.500 pieces per 20’ cnt, 3.100 pieces per 40’ cnt, 3.350 pieces per 40’ HC

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