In recent years, the term Quality has been used several times and often excessively, abusing one’s definition, which we would like to set out as follows:

The quality of a product is its capacity to meet the consumer’s expectations.

Using this definition as our point of departure, we have focused our attention on the details of our articles, from the final viewpoint of the product, seeking to improve on defects and intervening in the production processes, both as regards machines and their automations and as regards the ongoing search for increasingly more performing materials, paying due regard to their environmental impact and drawing help also from institutions and universities operating in the sector.

Our products are constantly evolving, not just the new ones studied with the latest 4.0 technologies, as we are also lavishing constant care on articles we have been producing for many years, such as the egg trays: besides creating new models, in fact, we have improved and consolidated existing ones, and we have focused attention on details of drinking troughs and feeders assembled on automatic lines, eventually removing possible technical defects and rendering plastic details far more resistant, thereby enhancing their useful life.

Thinks get more complicated when these concepts move from the study stage to industrial production, preserving the same standards of quality but in huge Quantities, with productions exceeding 20 million egg trays, more than 150 thousand cages to transport poultry, over 200 thousand drinking troughs and feeders and over 90 thousand pallets, all manufactured and sold in 2020!

Our concept is to manufacture a product of true quality but on an industrial scale, consistently the same all over the world, throughout our productions abroad, while ensuring that our distributors and customers are always satisfied and their expectations always upheld.