COD: 0308001 - Category:

  • Entirely produced in Italy.
  • 100% virgin polyethylene – UV stabilized.
  • Free dowel to insert client’s name.
  • 1 mt step between each feeder.
  • Anti-waste protection and plate inclination towards the inner side, to minimize feed waste.
  • No further adjustments, adding components or other manual labor required.
  • Excellent performance confirmed by several field trials



Cod. 0308101


Cod. 0308102


Cod. 0308103

FLAT CAP (broiler cages)

Cod. 0308104

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350 mm


1100 mm


40 mm


0,83 kg

Standard packing

20 cones per carton – 540 x 540 x 570 mm, 20 pans per carton – 710 x 360 x 1010 mm


Twist is equipped with a slot on the cone. With a single jet of water you quickly turn the plate, automatically washing the feeder externally but especially internally, always without removing any single piece.Thanks to the micro holes on the plate allowing the water to drain completely, leaving no any residue.

Step 1: from day old and during the first week, the chick eats extremely easily having the feed exactly 1 mm below the anti-waste protection. This allows to avoid dirtying and treading the feed by getting into.
Step 2: after few days, the line is entirely lifted, to proceed up to the end of the cycle.

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