Since 1962, Giordano Poultry Plast has always shared and often anticipated the search for effective solutions for the entire poultry production chain: from hatching to breeding, all the way down to slaughtering and transport always with innovative solutions, obtained from continuous interaction with the production world and with technological partners who are leaders in the above-mentioned sectors.

From creation to design, development and final production, the company is always on the lookout for innovative, high-performance products and solutions that combine efficiency, economy, durability and above all guarantee animal welfare.

The coops as a point product of the GPP line are a perfect example of design, created to guarantee the best conditions for transporting animals, drastically reducing the risk during loading and unloading operations.

All the coops and boxes of Poultry Plast are strong and durable, hygienic and easy to clean. The animal welfare is guaranteed thanks to excellent ventilation, the easy stacking and also smooth and round surfaces minimize bruises and broken wings, preventing injuries during the coop handling.

The products of the range are made with HD polyethylene and UV stabilized that reduces ageing due to solar rays.

The Piedmont coop line is also very simple to assemble: push fit-self locking. No equipment is needed but a simple pressure assures the complete assembly of the coop.

The technical evolution of GPP products underlines the ability to prevent and meet the growing expectations and needs of end users, as well as public opinion and international legislative bodies that animals are always treated properly, humanely and responsibly.