That EggsCargoSystem® (ECS) was the most widespread egg handling system in the world has been a
reality for several years by now.
The outcome of the excellence of the project combined with the quality of the materials, which made it possible to progressively and conclusively replace the use of disposable materials in the transport of eggs from laying farms to packing centres and in the production and transformation circuit in the industry of egg-products.
Other strong points have been: the lower management cost, the significant decrease of broken eggs, and the more effective sanitisation methods, not to mention the full traceability in egg handling ensured by the RFID chip contained inside each pallet.
Even the dynamics typical of the egg market, characterised by the progressive rise of the demand for eggs coming from alternative systems (not in cages, where the laying farm often found itself connected with the packing centre), such as barn, free range and organic farms, has indirectly facilitated the spread of ECS, required whenever it becomes necessary to move growing volumes of eggs, produced in many farms far away from the selection centre, in a quick and safe manner.
To maintain its advantage, the Giordano group, especially through its subsidiary Gi-Ovo dedicated to the marketing of ECS and HCS (to handle the fertile eggs for incubation), has recently resolved on further extending its offer. Accordingly, the components represented by the pallet and by the divider are currently accompanied by the widest range of trays in the world: consisting of as many as 3 different sizes dedicated to hen’s eggs, accordingly to the egg weight: Standard (from 60 to 65 g.), Jumbo (from 65 to 70 g.), and Jumbo 2.0 (over 70g.).
In the GPP range, these trays are accompanied by 1 specific model for turkey and duck eggs (20 eggs) and 1 for quail eggs (72 eggs).
If it is indeed true that commercial success grows out of the ability to be the first to suitably respond to needs and anticipate market expectations, we have the ambition to believe that ECS might accordingly look confidently to the future, confirming one of the fundamental points of GPP’s strategy: the constant attention lavished on the market dynamics and evolutions, for the sake of the equally regular development of efficient and innovative products.