As from May 1 2019, Federica Carlino ( assumes fully as the Marketing and Communications Manager of the Giordano Group.
Despite being very young, Federica has already had the opportunity, after completing her university studies in Communication Sciences, to enrich her professional experience in other sectors, before joining the Giordano Group at the beginning of the current year. These few months have been necessary in order for her to become familiar with the companies of the Group, their products and the features of their respective markets.
The role, which was created ad hoc, is considered to be strategic in offering ever more professional communication at all levels and adapted to times, including journals, advertising, trade fair stands as well as organizing promotional events.
Therefore, we will soon find Federica directly involved in many occasions warranting her very incisive imprint to the single entities and to their whole, in terms of image, assessment of performance and quality of the materials, as well as to institutional communication regarding ethical values of attention to the environment and sustainability, which have always characterized the activities of the Giordano family.
We are sure to reflect the feelings of all our staff and our network of Distributors and external collaborators, wishing Federica good work, and provide all the support she may need to carry out her assignment in the best possible way.