The history of a company can be compared to the life of a person.

It, too, consists of a succession of events, made up of: successful moments and difficulties, unforeseen circumstances and programs, growth and intermediate stages. All this is stored in the memory, linked to the flow of time. Similarly to human beings, the growing span a company, too, simultaneously testifies its degree of consciousness and reliability.

For Giordano Poultry Plast, 2022 represents an important stage:

60 years of activity!

An age that in men points to maturity and wisdom. A goal that represents, perhaps in its ideal mix, a balance between these two qualities, still united by the desire to accept new challenges, having the necessary strength to tackle and overcome them. An age that allows you to look at the future with the full determination and concreteness required to plan new and ambitious goals.

There is a deep desire to share these emotions with all the players that have accompanied and enabled this journey, by setting up moments of celebration and participation.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has interposed itself between this desire and everybody’s freedom of movement. At a particularly complex juncture like the present one, we thus limit ourselves to confirming our firmest resolution to celebrate together with our partners, distributors and customers, acknowledging the fact that we will have to wait in order to define how and when the events we plan to organise are going to take shape. We will take steps to communicate the programs as soon as the conditions allow us.

Let us all guard this small thrill of uncertainty, which will increase for us the pleasure of discovering and living out the celebratory moments together.

Hip hip hooray for 60 years of Giordano Poultry Plast!